A little robbery

Crouched down in the filth of the unlit alley, Almund laughed to himself robbery was a funny thing, for once you go to bed hungry the concept of property means so little. He knew if the City Watch were to catch him, he would hang. Almund was not wrong to do it. However, under no circumstances should he get caught. What rules are that weak they are enforced by death threats? When you’re starving, hanging is the least of your worries. Rochester is full of these dark narrow alleys, just like the sheep pens funnelling the unwary, so why build them if not for enterprising folk to benefit

The Chronicle of Achren

The Chronicle of Achren.


My first blog post.

Well, the first two books are out thereMikejdennis_ebook (5)with Thanatus being the first. I have started on book two, got somewhat sidetracked with the three Novellas.


More on Thanatus later